Perfectly Imperfect

I’m going to be real honest with all of you. I’m struggling. I’ve been in a dark place lately and have been trying to work through some things. I have chosen to share these things while they’re fresh because I can see myself sugar-coating in the future. One of the purposes of writing this blog … Continue reading Perfectly Imperfect


Heart to Heart

Greetings, readers! Well I'll just start with a little update on life. I'm in my second semester at The Master's College (since having Kendall) and currently baby-free for a couple days which is why I am able to write this blog post. Life has been busy lately with school, basketball, and most importantly, raising a … Continue reading Heart to Heart

His Providence

As I sit here this morning sipping my coffee I think to myself, what in the world am I supposed to write about? And then I hear a chuckle from Kendall as she joyfully watches Baby Einstein on TV. Oh yeah, I forgot I gave birth almost 7 months ago. This is just an example of how my brain … Continue reading His Providence


I guess you could say the title has a double meaning: one, the Lord’s faithfulness has taken my breath away and two, I literally can’t breathe thanks to the little one compressing my lungs. Luckily we’re in the last few weeks—exactly three weeks until my due date—but who knows whether my little diva will make … Continue reading Breathless